Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Starter Launches Area Focused on Broadcast Engineering

Calling All Engineers! New Starter at GIM Launches New Broadcast Engineering Focused GIM Project!!

GIM Recruitment has recently taken on new starter Ed Schultz.

Ed's passion and commitment for Broadcast Engineering has led to the launch of GIM's new Project focused on offering a unique recruitment service to the area of Broadcast Engineering.

GIM will bring its intelligent recruitment focus to the Engineering market, offering an open, honest and professional recruitment service to Managers, Senior Engineers and Trainee Engineers alike!

Whether you are an engineer looking for new opportunities, a hiring manager looking for the very best staff or a trainee looking to break into the engineering GIM today to see what we can offer you!


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Porus Mistry ‘s Updates : Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) in India
Interest Rate Swaps are nascent in India. The market deepened only after RBI allowed corporate
and mutual funds to participate in the market sometime in late 1999. Unfortunately the market has
not seen too much development and activity has been restricted between a handful of foreign and
private sector banks and a few large corporate. The shallowness of the market is also evident in the
wide prices that prevail in the market.

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